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You brush your teeth every day, so shouldn't you think about what you're putting on your pearly whites?

We are leading manufacturing, exporting for Pure Natural Toothpaste : all natural toothpaste, best natural kids toothpaste Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in India. Private Label Natural Toothpaste, Custom Branding Natural Toothpaste is also available with us.

For those individuals who prefer something natural for their teeth, there are many types of Natural dental toothpaste can be manufactured using many natural herbal ingredients.

These days, people are looking for new ways to go green—not just as a way to protect the Earth, but for possible advantages for their own health as well. As a result, many consumers have begun to show an interest in organic , herbal and all-natural toothpaste.

Natural toothpaste offer other alternatives as well. In terms of flavors, they go beyond the traditional mint tastes associated with ordinary toothpaste. You can find natural toothpastes that taste like cinnamon, fennel, and funky fruit flavors (without the addition of dyes or artificial flavors).

There is usually no difference in the texture or consistency of these toothpastes when compared to conventional toothpaste. However, there are differences in color and flavor. Most natural toothpastes do not look pristine white, but have a range of colors. They also tend to taste more herbal and less sweet.

What are the main ingredients in organic toothpaste?

Many herbal toothpaste do not contain fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate. The ingredients found in natural toothpaste vary widely but often include baking soda, aloe, eucalyptus oil, myrrh, plant extracts, and essential essences like peppermint and tea tree oil.

Herbal toothpaste ingredients are sorbitol, a natural, plant-derived substance that’s typically used as a flavoring and sugar substitute, and glycerin. Glycerin can be natural or synthetically made, and can be sourced from all vegetable or animal fats.

Natural Tooth Paste is surprisingly well liked by many people. It comprises a formulation of well herbs that ensure anti-bacterial and gum tightening properties and provide complete dental care.

It contains Natural Herbal Ingredients like Clove, Karpoor, Cinnamon, Dried Ginger, Black Pepper / Long Pepper, Liquirice, Harra, Amla, Lavang, Neem, Elaichi, Tulsi, Aloevera, Noni, Ganoderma, Mint & others and help users in maintaining a fresh mouth for the whole day and also provide ideal protection against dental issues like pyorrhoea, gum bleeding, cavity and sensitivity.

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